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Archbishop Dr. Don Okafor Sr.
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Welcome Bishops, Pastors & Apostles and all other leaders Goshen Ministers Fellowship International USA was created to supply an available platform for all people of our faith to minister to God and His people preparing them to reach to the world at large with the message of Jesus Christ that includes every vessel God desires to speak or sing through.

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Goshen Ministers Fellowship International USA
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Welcome to Goshen Website, Archbishop, Bishops Apostles, and leaders. Churches, reformations, fellowships, communions. Ministries, schools, colleges and etc. who acknowledge, proclaim and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior  The Fellowship and communion with all who agreed with and respect the values, beliefs, vision, mission, strategic objectives, structure and leadership of Goshen Ministers Fellowship International USA.

1 Harnest Hill Road,
Montgomery, AL. 36116
(334) 356-3566
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